The following are links to pages that show lots of cool information on meteorites from different geographic locations around the world. If you have any others to add please send me an email Updated 12/01/07

Argentina List

Brazil Map & List

Canada    Map & List

Dutch  Map & List

Finland  Map & List

Germany    Map & List

Hungary    Map    List

Italy   List List 2

Slovakia  Map List

South Africa  Map

Sweden  Map & List


    Arizona   Map  List Map

    Idaho    Map & List

   Illinois   List

   Iowa    List

   Indiana Map & List

   Kansas List

    Maine List

    Missouri    Map List

    Montana  Map & List

    North Dakota   Map & List

    Oregon List

    Pennsylvania List & Map

   South Dakota   Map & List

   Utah    Map & List

    Wisconsin    List List is by county not meteorite name.

    Wyoming   Map & List

UK & Ireland  England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales Maps & Lists